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Frequently Asked Questions

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A newsletter is sent weekly via email and on the Parent Hub app, which includes dates from the calendar for the following two weeks, to help your planning.

- Letters which have been sent out during that week are also listed and these can be found in your Parent Hub app and on the website: /information/letters-home
- The College website (opingogn.net) and social media ( External Link 693569 18 and  External Link 693569 18) are also good sources of information.
- If you cannot find the answer to your question, please ask... we will then add it to the FAQs for other parents, if relevant to them too.

Thank you!

Please phone Reception to leave a message or to speak to Mrs Moakes, our receptionist, to let us know that they will not attend.

We will endeavour to get this to you as quickly as we can and within 24 hours. Please be aware that the teachers are teaching throughout the day and may or may not have a window of time to process the request for you child immediately. (If your child is unwell, there is no expectation that they should be doing work!)

Governors have a commitment to keep fees and charges at a level that ensures the College continues to represent value for money against the highest standard of educational provision. Fees and standard charges for extras can be found on our website at /admissions/fees. Fees are reviewed annually and communicated to parents before the end of the Lent term, for the following September.

欢乐生肖To run a bursary programme, a significant capital investment needs to be made in order to earn interest which can be used to support a bursary. A full or part bursary award is means-tested to ensure it goes to the most worthy cases to provide the money to cover the cost of their education. The Ladies’ College has a sound financial basis, yet does not have funds of this nature to invest to support a bursary system. There is a small hardship fund which is used to support students in the Senior School and Sixth Form to help them complete their studies to the end of Key Stages 3, 4 or 5. This is means-tested in order to award to those who may need it for a short and pre-determined period of time.

Yes. Our aim is to support each young person as an individual and to accept them for who they are. We are committed to celebrating diversity and to ensuring that our curriculum delivers the broadest and most balanced provision possible, ensuring there is no prejudice, discrimination or inequality. Pupils and students are part of our evolving College and help to develop good practice. We have well-being at the core of our work here to support the growth of young people into rounded, grounded young adults who take responsibility for themselves and towards others.

欢乐生肖Our unique environment offers Guernsey girls support to develop 21st Century skills, to achieve their academic aspirations, to have fun, and to become strong and independent young adults. We are an inclusive community which works to:

Encourage each girl to grow in confidence, develop her talents to the full and value the qualities of others.
Create an environment where each girl can be happy, love learning and make lifelong friends.
Inspire欢乐生肖 each girl to be the best she can be.

We also strive to live out our motto: “Fais ce que dois advienne que pourra欢乐生肖” (Do what is right, come what may). The result is that we meet the needs of each child on their educational journey.

Subject experts and the pastoral team always have this in mind. We regularly review the curriculum and seek to engage the parents and students in the Senior School and Sixth Form, to help inform major changes. For example, this year we have introduced GCSE PE. Food Technology at Key Stage 3 will start soon. The Food Technology building is almost complete. The staffing and curriculum is in place to support this.

We are currently completing a Curriculum Review and will update students and parents in due course.

The Sixth Form Partnership between the Colleges remains unchanged and we continue to have a strong commitment to working collaboratively for the benefit of our students.

欢乐生肖There are a number of pathways that can result in students taking anything from 7 to 11 GCSEs, to ensure that we can cater for each individual and help them to optimise their grades. All students take:

- Maths (1 GCSE and Statistics is taken by most of Set 1 which adds another GCSE)
- English (Literature and Language 2 GCSEs)
- Science (either separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics 3 GCSEs OR the Double Science 2 GCSEs OR Single Science 1 GCSE)

4 option subjects are available, as an open choice, which we then try to meet. There is also a Study Skills opportunity, which is usually taken instead of choosing a language, which helps to make the number of GCSEs more manageable for some students.

欢乐生肖This year we have added GCSE PE as a choice for the current Lower Five and we continue to keep the options under review.

There are a number of reasons for this:

- It responds to requests, although we cannot always do this. (See the question below).
- It helps to provide more breadth and the opportunity to develop skills which may not be met elsewhere.
欢乐生肖- It may help the choices in the pathway after GCSEs.

There are a number of reasons for this, including that the numbers need to be viable to make the new course run, whilst also avoiding a situation where the other subjects become unviable because there is so much choice.

欢乐生肖We need to be confident that the demand will continue, especially as staffing needs to be assured for the subject and we want other GCSE course to be viable in terms of numbers too. A number of subjects do not need to be taught at GCSE in order to take them into the Sixth Form. These are often the courses which we do not offer at GCSE. We do not want the choices made at GCSE to close doors. If we add more and more choice, the probability of satisfying individual choices decreases and the need to study the reserve choice increases.

is a website that provides guidance to parents about social media applications and the age restrictions of these platforms. There are several software applications available to help parents manage what students can access and download onto their device. The College network automatically filters and monitors unsuitable content, including stopping social media notifications, which is why we recommend that your daughter connects to our College wifi rather than using 4G, during the working day here.

We encourage your daughter to talk to her form tutor, year coordinator, or any adult in College, and ask that you reinforce this message at home. There is also a 'whisper button' (shown below) which can be found on the which allows a student to report any concern, in confidence, and which will be followed-up sensitively.

The first port of call for any communication regarding your daughter is usually her Form Tutor. For further information on our referral pathways, please view our Referral flow chart (pdf) or read more about pastoral support in College here.

Detailed profiles of our serving Governors can be found here: /about-us/board-of-governors

欢乐生肖At present, the Board has 5 active sub-committees, these being: Estates, Finance, Marketing & Business Development; Nominations and Strategic Relations. Each Committee has specific Terms of Reference and reports directly into the Board. The Board also meets annually with the College’s Senior Leadership Team to discuss the College’s strategic direction.

欢乐生肖Governors meet at least once a term as a full Board, with sub-committees meeting throughout the course of the year as their business and statutory requirements require them to. Governors also make termly visits to all areas of the College, from our Pre-Preparatory Department through to Sixth Form. In fact, they have been visiting this week and we thank them for the time taken to meet with our colleagues, pupils and students.

Lower Four and Upper Four.

There are several reasons:

- We want students to have a proper break over the Christmas holiday.
- Enough work has been completed for teachers to make meaningful assessments, yet the volume of material is not excessive for revision. Students can practise different revision techniques and consider which work best for different subjects.
- Students become accustomed to taking exams in the hall, so it’s not a new experience in later years.

The exams fall either side of a weekend in order to help spread preparation and allow students a break. Their schedule includes some revision sessions and a PE slot to support healthy lifestyle choices. After the exams are finished and marked, teachers will give the students feedback aimed at developing confidence, regardless of the results.

If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please ask. We will then add it to our FAQs for other parents, if relevant to them too.